Rare Plant Sale: April, 2016

rare plant sale low res (1)

Tokara Wine Estate, 9 April 2016.  A day to be remembered: My first rare plant fair as a vendor…I could not have been more excited!

Pricing, how many plants, the possible number of people, assistants on the day, transport to the venue, set-up, all things to consider as you prepare for the show!  At the time, I was truly only trying to clear space because my taste had changed since I started this hobby, so I traded under the name of “Jimmy’s Plants”.

16 crates, reasonable prices and a good selection of plants = Jimmy’s plants sold out by 12 pm. Successful, awesome experience!

Tokara Wine Estate provided a wonderful setting with a great selection of wine. Great plants, fine wine, like-minded plant enthusiasts and a beautiful Autumn day in Cape Town! #perfect

“Jimmy’s plants” now known as Hammond Botanicals’ plants below:


Other plants at the sale:


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