Rare Plant Sale: October 2017

The lead up to the sale was easier than the last time seeing as I knew what to expect. Last year trading as Jimmy’s plant’s, this year my brand new name and launch of my brand, Hammond Botanicals. #hammond_botanicals

My plan was to take smaller, more unique plants and far more stock than last year to ensure that I did not run out. A Hammond Botanicals banner, hessian tablecloths, Hammond Botanicals t-shirts, boxes in all shapes and sizes to make sure our clients have no issues carrying their purchases. Stickers for each Hammond Botanicals creation with carefully thought-out pots and stones for the best display. We thought of everything upfront to ensure minimum stress and maximum fun.

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Rare plant fair, Tokara Wine Estate, 14 October 2017.

An early start to the day to add the finishing touches to our stand.  The weather in Cape Town was pretty gloomy so it was a pleasant surprise to arrive at Tokara to a sun-shining day. We unpacked a couple more crates and added the finishing touches to make our stand complete.  People started arriving as early as 08h30 and sales started soon after. A rush of people and lots of interest in our plants. We were pleased to have many willing hands help which allowed us to assist as many people as possible. It was the right move to take more plants this year too! Snapscan made life easier for taking payments; such a great, easy way for clients to pay, cash-free.

The day was very festive, being located next to the cheese and wine-tasting. Many happy visitors and even some of our helpers enjoyed a tasting or two when things started to quiet down. People continued to visit our stand until the end of the show at about 3pm.  We left with one crate of unsold plants, very happy with our results and ready to put our feet up after a long day of standing!

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